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­­­­­­ ­­­­New houses and apartments of phase one at Brackenhall­


The Deighton & Brackenhall Initiative Limited (DBI) is a revolutionary, award-winning partnership  betw een the community,  elected members, public services, agencies and business which is improving local services, community facilities and the overall environment in an effort to improve the quality of life for all residents living in the area.
The first such project of its kind in Kirklees, the Deighton Brackenhall Initiative has opened up new ways of thinking for communities, business and government agencies and has received a number of awards.

DBI recognised its 10th anniversary in 2007 with two civic events hosted by the Mayor of Kirklees. The first event was targeted at young people and the second for the wider community and partners. The Mayor presented a number of awards in recognition of outstanding contributions to the community. Click here to see the photos.



­­Chestnut centre childrens libraryDBI Ltd was established in late 1997 to tackle the range of issues that were spoiling the quality of life for local residents and preventing new people from moving into the area. Since 1997 the Initiative has achieved a huge range of improvements as detailed on this website.

DBI Ltd has recognised from the outset that it needs to ensure the sustainability of its investment and is continually identifying opportunities to ensure a comprehensive, co-ordinated approach is taken.

DBI Ltd has made great strides in delivering against the communities original and top priorities and continues to implement the Masterplan resulting in the securing of additional funding, more effective use of resources, joint delivery arrangements and more importantly the delivery of the communities Vision through a focussed ­and committed partnership approach.

DBI Ltd is overseen by a Board of Directors which annually reviews and decides on the key priorities for continuing to improve the area.

The DBI Ltd Board of Directors are as follows: ­


­DBI Ltd - B­oard of Directors
 Helen Chatterton
DBI Community
 Margaret Lees
DBI Community
 Carol Ward
DBI Community
 Stuart Isaac DBI Community
 Vacancy DBI Community
 Cllr Jean Calvert (Chair)
Kirklees Council
 Cllr Cath Harris
Kirklees Council
 Cllr Ken Smith
Kirklees Council
 David Morby
Kirklees Council
 Mike McCusker
Fresh Horizons
 Andrew Ross
Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing



The Board have decided that the following are priorities that will complement and add to the existing work done to date:

· Further reduce crime and fear of crime

· A new community centre on Brackenhall/ Ferndale

· Improved health facilities

· Extensive environmental improvements

· Improved shopping facilities

· Investment in children, families, young people and older people

In order to achieve the above it is essential that everyone with a stake in the area works together to improve the quality of life for everyone living in the area. This includes residents, services, agencies and businesses.

If you would like more information please contact the us on 01484 221235, email mail@dbilimited.org or use our online contact form by clicking here.

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