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Smear Tests- have you had yours?

Kirklees Council’s Public Health Team is working to encourage women to go for their smear tests when they receive a letter inviting them to attend an appointment.

Earlier this year the council supported a regional awareness campaign with posters around Kirklees and on buses, in shopping centres, and at local children’s centres. The posters featured a small boy sitting on the stairs crying and saying, ”My mum missed her smear test, now I miss my mum.”

Comments from local women have highlighted how powerful the advert is and that it did actually spur them on to make an appointment for a smear test.

A young mum, 25, from Batley says that the campaign poster made her go her smear test. “It definitely did the job; the picture of the little boy crying because he had lost his mum frightened the life out of me. It made me think that could be my little girl”

  “I hadn’t had any symptoms, but I had ignored all of my invitation letters as I thought I’d be fine and it (cervical cancer) wouldn’t happen to me. Also I didn’t really want anyone to see me ‘down there’”

  “It was a bit uncomfortable, said the young mum from Batley, but it was over in a few seconds, so it was fine. It’s actually not that bad. My results arrived within a week and a half of the test, and it was all fine, I’m so glad I’ve done it”

“I’ll definitely go for my smear tests in the future, I won’t put them off. I will encourage my friends to go. It is a life saver.”

Dr Mercy Vergis, cervical screening lead for Kirklees, said, “It is vitally important that you attend an appointment when you receive one. Women can sometimes be put off attending a test because they may feel uncomfortable, or they may be worried about the outcome of the test. However, it really is the best way to prevent cancer before it develops”

For more information on this, please contact your GP or Practice nurse at your surgery, or go to your nearest Contraception and Sexual Health clinic (CaSH).

Smear tests. Have yours before it’s too late

  • It’s private and you won’t be rushed.
  • It only takes a few minutes.
  • You can ask for a female doctor or nurse.
  • You will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • You can take a friend with you to your appointment.

It’s not too late to book your smear test – even if you received your invitation letter some time ago.

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Smear Tests- have you had yours?
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