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West Yorkshire Police

Contact Number: 0845 60 60 60 6

Website: http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/

This is the number to ring if you discover that a crime has been committed, but the suspect is no longer at the scene or nearby. Examples of this would be if you woke up to discover that your car has been broken into, or come home to find that your house has been burgled.

The police need to know as soon as possible that a crime has been committed, but there is no realistic prospect of catching a suspect at the scene or nearby.  What we do need to do is get there within an hour in order to search for and preserve evidence of the offence and the offender. Incidents of this type are given a “priority” grading, and our target is to reach 85% of these calls within an hour.

Kirklees use crime scene investigators and response patrol officers to get to these calls and again either match or exceed that 85% target on a daily basis. Not all crimes will fall under this priority grading however. If you contact the police to tell them you have been assaulted the night before in town, you will be advised to seek hospital treatment if necessary, and an appointment will be made either to visit you, or for you to attend at a police station where a statement will be taken and your injuries photographed.

This number is also the number to use to contact West Yorkshire Police for general inquiries. The call-takers there are trained to deal with virtually any call they receive, and again the response will depend on the nature of the call. Note that although you will be asked for your name and address, you are not obliged to give it. (The Police prefer to be able to contact you later to give you results or an update, but the choice is yours!).

This number should also be used for any inquiries, requests for information or advice or to report matters which you feel the police may need to know. Hopefully most of your questions will be answered on the first call, but there are occasions where the police will need to visit you.

The current call-management system, pioneered here in Kirklees, means that an appointment will be made to suit you and this will be passed to officers specifically deployed to keep that appointment. This appointment system is an efficient way of ensuring we get to speak with you as soon as possible and following its successful pilot in Kirklees is being adopted forcewide.

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